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Allied Surgical Technologies

There are many more generic surgical innovations such as surgical robotics, electrosurgical devices, or even wound closure technologies that can be harnessed for breast surgery.



The Oplight is a single-use LED light Cartridge which provides powerful, direct illumination “Inside the Surgical Cavity” eliminating shadowing and the need for head mounted lamps. It is a sterile disposable device and compatible with all flat bladed retractors. Simply “stick it and click it” to any flat bladed retractor to maximise visualisation during open surgery    The Oplight has been commercially available since 2018. UK manufactured device and available from UK distributors novus med Ltd, please contact for more information.



ONETRAC is the first single-use cordless surgical retractor with integrated LED light source and smoke evacuation channel. This ready-to-use device eliminates the time and expense of reprocessing and reduces the risk of cross-contamination in the surgical setting by making reusable devices and fiber-optic light cables obsolete. Illumination in the depths of a surgical tissue pocket or cavity can now be met within seconds; no assembly, additional parts/components, or fiber-optic cables required. ONETRAC is ideal for breast and reconstructive procedures as well as other surgical procedures requiring access, illumination, and retraction of soft tissue.



Surgical lighting has come a long way in the last few years, changing from halogen and xenon light to LED. The ‘Chrome MC7’ is the leading LED surgical headlight, used by hundreds of breast surgeons in the UK and around the world. It is favoured by male and female surgeons alike as it is designed to adjust down to fit smaller heads as well as standard (men’s) size heads! Powered by ultra-lightweight batteries that fit into the headset itself, there are no bulky cables or dangling wires to contend with, yet the light output matches that of a xenon light source. The Chrome MC7 is one of the most powerful battery-powered LED surgical headlight currently available. Weight is often an issue with surgical headlights yet, complete with batteries, it weighs only 390g and is very comfortable to use. The beam spot is adjustable from 100mm to 200mm, perfectly adequate for breast surgery. Battery life is up to seven hours (on ¾ power) and four hours on full power. The batteries can also be swapped whilst in use, by an assistant, without interrupting the surgeon. The UK authorised supplier: Light Source Supplies, offer a 30-day evaluation trial for surgeons to try the headlight, in their own time, in the comfort of their normal working environment. A fully charged demonstration unit can be supplied within 24 hours, ready to us straight out of the box.



IFABOND™ Laparoscopic Glue provides an alternative to quilting, significantly reducing the available area for Seroma formation. IFAbond is a pure solution with no additives which takes only a short time to form a strong bond. It is quick and easy to apply and is supplied in a variety of formats to suit the application. IFABOND™ is reliable and its outstanding performance is due to the purity of the glue. • Alternative to quilting • Improved post-operative patient experience • Strong fixation, simple to use and apply


Less Smoke image-asset.jpg

The optimum diathermy pencil for OR safety and precision surgery - unique 'Less Smoke' tungsten electrode reduces the amount of surgical smoke produced during cutting/coagulation. The Blue-Vac Telescopic 'Less smoke' evacuation pencil effectively removes surgical smoke and aerosol at the source. It has 32% more suction capacity than the leading competitor. - Tungsten electrode creates minimal thermal spread which reduces the amount of surgical smoke during cutting/coagulation - Optimised channel to ensure a high suction flow rate - Lightweight and discreet design provides optimum comfort - Flexible tubing set follows the movements of the Surgeon's hand - Soft activation buttons with tactile feedback - Easy to position, removing the need to move during operation - No extensions required - the telescopic suction channel extends to 16.5cm -Transparent telescopic suction tip ensures a clear view for precision surgery



Seroma-Set™ is indicated for aspiration after removal of a drain system. It is a closed system which secures the sterile procedure and reduces the risk of contamination, thereby creating a safe environment. Kinder to the patient and the user, avoiding the use of uncomfortable drains the system can also be operated at low force by one person. Reduce complications, improve outcomes: - Avoid additional aspirations and accelerate matrix adherence - Fast and effective system, reducing contamination risk - Simple technique with an easy to use and ergonomic device

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