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The iBRA NET Innovation Group aims to encourage and promote innovations within Breast Surgery.

Our mission is to think about how we can help identify, evaluate and translate great innovations into clinical practice for the benefit of our patients.

There is an increasing emphasis on the importance of Innovation in healthcare, as demonstrated by the NHS England Innovation department, the Royal College of Surgeons recent publication of the “Future of Breast Surgery” and BAPRAS who formed the UKs first sub-specialty Innovation group a few years ago.

In this group, we seek to identify new innovations in breast surgery. We foster relationships with industry, and link to clinicians who want to participate in product design and evaluation. We can provide advice and support for start-ups and liaise with the emerging number of allied innovation groups.

We believe as clinicians we are ideally placed to contribute to innovations throughout the whole scope of this framework.

We encourage industry and clinicians to provide us with the details of innovations, so that this becomes the greatest resource of up-to-date innovations in breast surgery. This will help surgeons quickly identify what is available and emerging, whilst providing a platform for industry to demonstrate their technologies at the earliest stage

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