Regenerative Medicine

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A single use, closed circuit, fat transfer KIT which allows you to prepare fat for re-injection whilst you harvest, saving time and reducing the risk of infection. This simple, yet effective system attaches to any standard theatre suction, so there is no need to buy costly lipo-aspiration systems. The Filtron allows you to harvest tissue using one of the single use cannulas, the tissue is then deposited into the Filtron mesh where the fat and waste are separated. High quality fat is retained in the mesh canister and is ready for immediate re-injection, simply decant from the Filtron using the luer lock tubing. The Filtron is available in fives sizes 100cc, 250cc, 500cc, 1L, 2L which allows you to select the appropriate size canister for the patient and procedure. We also supply a full range of single use cannulas to compliment the product including, infiltration, harvest and re-injection. The Filtron is commercially available and has been sold in the UK for over 6 years.


B-Lite® the first and only Lightweight Breast Implants in the world. Up to 30% lighter than conventional implants – B-Lite® implants reduce the stress and strain on the breast soft tissue, and maintain the shape and appearance of the breast in the long term. The uniquely lightweight B-Lite® series has revolutionised the world of breast implants and is considered one of the most significant developments in the industry over the last 30 years. To achieve this, B-Lite® combine proven materials with breakthrough technology: the standard silicone gel filling is enhanced with special microspheres and is designed to reduce the effects of gravity. The result is an implant that combines comfort with sustainable aesthetics; less ptosis, atrophy, rippling and patient discomfort. When compared to conventional implants, patients with B Lite implants also experienced less post-operative surgery pain, required less analgesia, had shorter recovery times and faster return to normal activities. The microsphere design also enables improved imaging on mammography and ultrasound. The B-Lite® series implants have been available since January 2019 and are currently manufactured in round and anatomical shapes with a microtextured POLYtxt® surface.



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